About Me

Adam Jernigan has taught English courses at high schools and colleges for over 20 years. He earned a B.A. in Comparative Literature from Stanford University as well as an M.A. and Ph.D. in English from the University of Chicago.

Trained as a specialist in American literature, Adam has published academic essays on American authors like James Baldwin and Sylvia Plath. He currently teaches courses on American literature, AP Lit, and William Shakespeare.

American Literature Resources

Rigorous Resources is your one-stop shop for top-quality resources on American literature! Check out these teaching units on literary texts by diverse American authors. Each unit features an abundance of higher-order questions guaranteed to spark lively discussions and insightful analysis....

Rigor + Joy

When creating a new teaching unit, I read all of the academic scholarship related to the book — so you don’t have to! Then I integrate the best scholarly insights into the lesson plans, ensuring that you’ll have the most engaging lessons in education.

My goal is to inspire students with thought-provoking questions that will stimulate lively discussions. I want students to find joy in the experience of being intellectually challenged — and to become attached to the thrill of building shared knowledge together!

  • Critical Thinking

    My resources feature higher-order questions which challenge students to think in complex ways about literary texts. Each resource is guaranteed to cultivate skills in close reading, critical thinking, and analytical writing. If you're not happy with a purchase, I'll provide you with a full refund — no questions asked!

  • Democratic Discussion

    Discussion-based learning inspires students to listen thoughtfully, collaborate constructively, appreciate diverse perspectives, and disagree respectfully. In my view, the English classroom is one of the few remaining places where students can develop the citizenship skills that are vital to a well-functioning democracy.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    The units focus on canonical texts written by diverse authors. The daily lessons help students to appreciate the diverse fabric of American society. They also build cultural competencies and communication skills which enable students to participate as informed citizens within a diverse and interconnected world.

Graphic Novel Resources

The graphic novel is an aesthetically innovative genre in which meaning is created through the interplay of image and text. How do we read a novel in which two narrative channels — one verbal, the other visual — interact? How do graphic novelists utilize techniques such as visual parallels and visual puns to endow their works with subtle shades of meaning? The following units will inspire your students to read and analyze graphic novels with a whole new depth of insight....
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